Unlock the Power of Your Experience: Transform it into an MBA Degree

Discover an innovative and groundbreaking approach to obtaining your MBA degree that not only recognizes but also values the real world experiences you have gained. Our program has been designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to showcase their expertise and skills acquired through both professional and non-professional pursuits. Embrace this exciting chance to differentiate yourself in todays' highly competitive job market by earning a prestigious MBA degree that highlights your accomplishments.

Step 1: Submit Your Credentials for Evaluation

The first step on this journey is for you to submit a comprehensive resume or CV along with any supporting documents that emphasize your professional and non-professional experiences. This may include certifications, project portfolios, letters of recommendation and more.

Step 2: Assessment, Background Check, and Telephone Interview
Applicants who meet the specific criteria will undergo a thorough background check in order to verify the credentials they have submitted. Those candidates who successfully pass this stage will then proceed to a telephone interview with our experienced evaluators. During this interview. Our evaluators will assess your knowledge, skills, and suitability for our program.

Step 3: Earn 120 Academic Credits

After successfully completing the assessment you will receive 120 academic credits that will contribute to your progress in obtaining your MBA degree. These credits acknowledge the significance of your experiences and will enhance your prospects for success in your academic endeavors. Additionally, for those individuals who require additional preparation. A selection of online courses will be provided during the designated time period.

Step 4: Proposal, Dissertation, and Reflective Paper

To achieve the coveted MBA degree, you will need to complete three essential written components: a proposal, a dissertation, and a reflective paper. These components showcase your ability to integrate theory with practice, display critical thinking, and demonstrate research prowess.

1. Proposal (1,500 words): Present a business-related project or initiative aligned with your area of expertise, including a problem statement, objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes.

2. Dissertation (1,500 words): Delve deeper into the chosen project, showcasing your analysis, synthesis, and interpretation skills, along with relevant theories and actionable recommendations.

3. Reflective Paper (1,500 words): Take the opportunity to critically reflect on your personal and professional growth throughout the MBA journey, highlighting key insights and lessons learned.

Step 5: Grading and MBA Degree Issuance

Your written components will undergo careful evaluation by the university experienced professors and industry experts, taking into account subject mastery, critical thinking, research capabilities, and communication quality. Upon meeting the required standards, you'll be proudly awarded the prestigious MBA degree, a testament to your dedication and ability to apply knowledge gained through your experiences. Ready to Embrace the Future? Apply Now! Unleash the potential of your professional and non-professional experiences with our program, earning an MBA degree that speaks volumes in the dynamic business landscape. Take the first step by submitting your credentials and embark on a transformative journey towards realizing your true potential.

Degree issued by: University of Gloucestershire | Delivery partner: IDM Global

Entry Requirement

1. Resume or CV

2. Highest academic certificate or managerial experience documentation (5-10 years)

3. Professional certifications

4. Any form of identification card- scanne

Managers with over 10 years’ experience can apply without a first degree certificate.



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